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Welcome back to our Annual event

Welcome back to our event.

We made it through our first year. It was more than we expected! Thanks to everyone that did help us. We are expecting a better time for everyone. We had to make some changes in the setup, so be ready for more. We will still have camping, but some minor changes to where the event will be starting. We've been in contact with the land owners to help increase the mileage. 

Hopefully you will enjoy some of the changes!!!

Downloadable forms

** The registration form below is when Pre-registration is closed on July 1st, 2018.**
These forms, Registration and Youth Liability can be printed out and brought to the day of the Event.
Registration Form
Youth Liability Form

This is a view of the current trail. 

The final trail will be posted at the event.

 We still are making some changes.

Parking Permit

Due to limited amount of space on our property with camping and the starting area being moved, Reading Anthracite Co. will be allowing parking areas on their property for the day of the event. The registration of the event will be on Reading Anthracite property, on the left side outside of St. Clair. Areas for parking include the Burma road on the right side, along both side of the road inside the open gates. However, they still would like us to issue permits for the day. If you are not camping on our Company property, please print out permit "HERE". These are good for the event only. Post this on your dashboard or visible to see. 


***Important message***

There is an age restriction of youth operators from 10 y/o - 17 y/o. Any youths from 5 y/o - 9 y/o can only be a passenger with an adult operator from 18 y/o or older. Due to liability, we will not allow anyone under the age of 5 y/o to be a passenger or on the trail during the entire event. We are looking out for the safety of all participants. 

Thank You.


Here are some pictures of last year's event.