"Salus Populi Suprema Lex"  
-The people's safety is the highest law--
East Norwegian Township Fire Company
16 Sunshine St.
Pottsville, Pa. 17901
Phone: 570-429-0867     Fax: 570-429-1291

East Norwegian Township Fire Department

District 8


All pre registration is closed.


You can download or print the forms below,. Fill out all information and bring this to the day of the event. 

Registration opens at 6:00 am. 


Welcome to our first Offroad ATV/UTV event. 

Welcome to our event. 

We hope this will be the first of many more to come over the next few years. With that in mind, to keep this event safe for everyone, follow all the rules that we have set up. Please be patient as this is our first event and we can only grow with the cooperation of all involved. 

Downloadable forms 

Registration Form
Youth Liability Form
Trail Run 
Trail may change prior to event
** These forms will still be downloadable. Fill them out and bring them on the day of the event.**
Parking Permit

Due to the limited amount of parking space on our property, Reading Anthracite Co. will be allowing parking on areas on their property for the day of the event. This will include the right side of the Burma road outside St. Clair. We have permission also to park along the trail just above that location through the gate on the right side down to the cross roads. You then follow the trail to our company to sign in. This is the direction of the run that will finish here. Click this link "downloadable form" to display on your dashboard on the day of the event. 


***Important message***

There is an age restriction of youth operators from 12 y/o - 17 y/o. Any youths from 5 y/o - 11 y/o can only be a passenger with an adult operator from 18 y/o or older. Due to liability, we will not allow anyone under the age of 5 y/o to be a passenger or on the trail during the entire event. We are looking out for the safety of all participants. 

Thank You.


On Friday night will will be serving a spaghetti dinner from 5-7 pm. Afterwards there will be a mix and mingle with a DJ from 7-9 pm.  

On the day of the event we will be serving breakfast starting at 6 am. 

When the last rider is off the trail at 5 pm. There will be a pig roast. This will be till 7 pm or if sold out sooner.

216 Oak St. Pottsville, Pa. 17901

Here are some pictures of the event.